Building a Cooperative Community

Published in the Fall of 2011 & 2012


The goal of this publication was to celebrate the new wave of food co-ops that were started in the 21st Century and committed to building community and local economies. We also presented other kinds of co-ops that could be used in our local economy, the ethics to be used in the systems we create, and the different structures of these new systems. .

While Protesters bring much needed attention to the great disparity of wealth in the world, communities of people in this country are taking action to keep wealth in their community. They are creating co-ops to act as a hub of activity to build local economies. These locally owned, democratic co-op organizations are a natural tool for building just and sustainable distribution systems to meet the needs of our communities. This new wave of food co-ops joins and are inspired by the existing food co-ops from the seventies and twenties. Those co-ops have long been incorporating the building of community and local economies into their goals and day-to-day operations.

Copies of the 2011 edition are still available online via Amazon:

If you are thinking of organizing a co-op compare your vision with other co-op efforts, look at different structures and ethics being used in the new systems being created and then get details on how to proceed at